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Professional level service for commercial, industrial, residential and strata properties. Our experienced and dependable team can provide thorough and cost-effective cleaning and maintenance solutions for facilities of any size and type.

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Parkade, parking lot and warehouse power scrubbing makes a good impression! Present a clean and positive environment in commercial or residential spaces, for employees, visitors, or residents. Spaces that are free of smells, oil slicks, stains, and debris, tells everyone that you take pride in your property, the environment, and the community.  Not all companies use a Tennant T20 to do their floor scrubbing. This machine is the best in the business; it makes the process much faster and makes a better overall finish as it takes up more dirt and debris than other floor scrubbers.

Trying to fight off dirt and grime, or battle oil and grease? Our commercial grade, high pressure power washers provide that next level of clean. The combination of heat, agitation and non-toxic cleaners is specifically designed to cut through the surface layer more efficiently by penetrating grease and grime at the molecular level. This method also rids surfaces of bacteria, algae, and other debris quickly and effectively.

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Strata, Commercial & Warehouse

The best cleaning management solution for any property manager, Strata Corporation, commercial warehousing, industrial sites or any public or private parking is to provide them with the highest industrial cleaning/maintenance solutions. We are an eco-friendly company; in that we will be removing oil and grease from underground areas that can result in a potentially hazardous environment.  Public safety is one of the greatest reasons to keep your parking lot and roadways clean. Leaks and spills such as oil, grease, water and even food are very common in parking lots. Debris it not only ugly, but it can also cause injuries to your employees, residents, and visitors as well as damage cars and tires. Avoid common accidents, like a slip and fall, by keeping the space clean and free of hazards. An attractive parking lot also tells everyone that you take pride in people’s safety, property, environment, and community.

Don’t let winter stop you. Our experienced team will be standing by to make sure your parking lots and lane ways are safe and clear. We provide wide variety of snow removal services like snow plowing, hand shoveling, and salting services for both commercial and strata properties of any size, using professional equipment and reliable staff.

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