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Need parkade & parking lot power scrubbing & cleaning? We are here to help!

Providing professional power scrubbing, power cleaning and snow plowing services for property managers, stratas, businesses, warehouses and municipalities throughout Vancouver and the BC Lower Mainland.

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Our professional and dedicated team brings over 14 years of combined staff industry experience to provide you with affordable, reliable service and guarantee satisfaction. We are BBB accredited, licensed, insured and are covered by WorksafeBC.


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Our parking lot cleaning services

Offering top-notch parking lot cleaning services tailored to the specific requirements of property managers, stratas, businesses, warehouses, and municipalities throughout Vancouver and the BC Lower Mainland. Our professional power scrubbing and cleaning solutions ensure pristine parking lots, enhancing the appeal and cleanliness of your property. Trust us for comprehensive parking lot maintenance services that go beyond the surface.

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Transform your parkade, parking lot, or warehouse with our professional power scrubbing services! Whether it’s a commercial or residential area, we prioritize cleanliness for a positive impression on employees, visitors, or residents. Our advanced Tennant T20 floor scrubber sets us apart, ensuring a faster and superior finish by effectively eliminating odors, oil slicks, stains, and debris. Choose us for a pristine environment that reflects your commitment to property care and community well-being.

Struggling to ward off stubborn dirt and grime, or combat persistent oil and grease? Elevate your cleaning game with our industrial-strength, high-pressure power washers. Engineered for commercial use, these powerful tools take cleanliness to a whole new level. Harnessing the synergistic power of heat, agitation, and eco-friendly cleansers, our washers are meticulously crafted to penetrate grease and grime at the molecular level, ensuring a more efficient removal of surface contaminants. This advanced cleaning method not only swiftly eliminates bacteria, algae, and other debris but also leaves surfaces impeccably clean.

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Strata, Commercial & Warehouse

Offering tailored cleaning solutions for property managers, Strata Corporations, commercial warehouses, and public or private parking areas, we prioritize eco-friendly practices. Specializing in the removal of oil and grease from underground spaces, our services enhance safety and mitigate potential hazards.

Public safety is our top priority, addressing common issues like oil, grease, water, and food spills in parking lots. Beyond aesthetics, maintaining cleanliness prevents injuries to employees, residents, and visitors, as well as potential damage to vehicles. A clean environment not only avoids accidents like slips and falls but also communicates a commitment to safety, property, and community pride.

Embrace the winter season without worry! Our seasoned team is ready to ensure the safety and accessibility of your parking lots and pathways. Offering a diverse range of snow removal solutions, including snow plowing, manual shoveling, and expert salting services, we cater to both commercial and strata properties of all dimensions. Utilizing top-notch equipment and a dependable staff, we guarantee efficient and reliable winter maintenance for your peace of mind.

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